by Dodgson

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An album 4 years and many names in the making...

The band called "Dodgson" started off as a local "supergroup" called "Loud About Living" featuring members of These Branches, The Blacktop Kids and many more. Nick wrote a majority of these songs on his own whilst listening to a lot of "My War" era Black Flag (and a healthy dose of Weezer) in 2012- hoping to do something a bit more straight forward than some other projects he was involved in. The goal was to create fast and furious (Tokyo Drift), yet melodic punk songs with lots of weird leads and energy.

However, life happens and happened to Loud About Living.
Schedules and various other commitments resulted in LAL never completing their debut album, and the songs were put on the shelf.

In the Winter of 2014, right before the birth of "Like-Minded"- Dodgson was born (then known as "Son de Morte"... we know, a lot of name changes). The lineup of this band was the reunited, first ever These Branches lineup, featuring Ryan and Paul on drums and bass respectively. It was at this point, while jamming, that the songs shifted from very straightforward punk to songs that had bits of heaviness, lots of effects and cups full of weirdness for good measure.

Like-Minded (with singer/guitarist Caitlin Darcy) and Dodgson were to exist in equal measure- booking alternating shows and having alternating practices, but keeping the same core lineup. Yet, life happened again. Like-Minded started taking off more and more, becoming the focus of all involved, but not before Dodgson recorded the songs that make up this album.

The 3 songs presented here in the Demo album (there may be another hidden track if you download it...wink wink) were recorded live using only 4 tracks. Minor overdubs and the vocals, which are run through a pedal board, were recorded by Nick at a later date.

Just like the fate of the Jurassic Park character from which the band gets its namesake- the life of Dodgson is ultimately unknown, but even though we got Dodgson here, well...see? Nobody cares.

Original "Loud About Living" Live Video:


released May 29, 2016

Written and Performed by Dodgson.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg.
Cover Art by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg.

Dodgson is:
Ryan Mortola
Paul Lewis
Nicholas Edward Hertzberg



all rights reserved


Deplorable Sounds Riverside, New Jersey

Created and curated by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg to be a home to his numerous solo and side-projects.

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Track Name: Second Skin
They know not what they say
They don't care about you anyway
They just
Wear you in like a second skin
Wear you out
It's all about me
Their tongues will devalue you
Their hands will mislead you in the night
So pathetic to think you were the first
Though this might be your last day on earth
Track Name: Coffin Space
Wandering through this space
The place you hate the most
Indebted to a desk
Far away from home
Been dead since the go
We were not meant to live this way
And we'll wait for a wait out
Keep applying or are we dying for
Our employers
Track Name: Unclean Slate
You always were a reason to
Pay attention to
All that you do for you
Your self-absorption
Makes for an unclean slate