by Almanac

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Almanac (n): a yearly calendar giving statistical information on events and phenomena, such as the phases of the moon, times of sunrise and sunset, tides, anniversaries, etc.

"One man lo-fi black metal tinged misanthropic punk. 'FindingYourRestingPlace,' the debut EP from Almanac, explores the traditional black metal theme of nature and connects it to the deepest roots of isolation, depression and the human condition all in a short, raw, dark and abrasive sitting."

FFO: Ancestors, Bone Awl, Darkthrone

*Headphone listening recommended.


released March 12, 2013

Written on April 23rd, 2012.

Recorded and Mixed from April 2012 until February 2013.

Cover Painting by Unknown.
Cover Edit and Layout by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg.



all rights reserved


Deplorable Sounds Riverside, New Jersey

Created and curated by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg to be a home to his numerous solo and side-projects.

Releasing free digital and limited edition physical editions since 2013.

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Track Name: chills
knees are the first to ache
as the temperatures inversely break
it gets worse with age
and does nothing for the lack of faith
chills run // down the spine
slowly extends to fingertips
calloused brittle and coarse,
they go limp
an anti fever
pulsing freezing the veins
chills run // down the spine
heat runs // out of time
Track Name: tides
as the day is long
as the tides low and high
you will meet someone
they will bend your will
they will leave you
make you hate yourself
they will lead you
make you question it all
as this day is long
you will learn to resent yourself
Track Name: tombs
limbs are frozen
dark as a tomb
eyes not open
never leaving this room
the only desire is in
finding your resting place
limbs are frozen
darkness in bloom
arteries are closing
the future a loom
the only step left
accepting theres nothing after death
Track Name: rains
i haven't seen the sun
since the flood
that took away
everything from everyone
sea water drenched
drowning all hopes
atlantic came here through
and nothing left of the homes