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The band Osterii (AH-stiry-EYE) was a Myspace-era (myspace.com/osterii) post-hardcore/rock band based in Southern New Jersey that lived from late 2007 to mid-2009. During their tenure, the band released 2 albums: a 2008 EP called "They Will Cower While We Thrive" and a 4-way split with Ezra Joyce, Astrophel & Stella, and Ursa Theodorus... because who needed easy-to-pronounce band names, right?

Osterii had the pleasure of doing some minor east coast touring and was lucky enough to play with several vastly talented bands such as Pianos Become the Teeth, La Dispute, Native, My Heart to Joy at the Same Tone, Lion of the North, Elder and many, many more.

The songs that make up this album are pre-production demos from an ill-fated full length that the band recorded in their home studio before breaking up. A few of these songs were released unmixed and unmastered online at some point- but I wanted to do them the justice they deserved. Note: the recording quality here is not stellar, we know, because apparently the recording philosophy back then was "make the meter peak...never not make it peak." We hope we have resolved these tendencies in our newest endeavors.

This is a testament to a simpler time, when driving around in a white van with your best friends doing stupid shit was paramount and making noise in basements, backyards, and living rooms while drinking skunked beers, sleeping in shattered glass and wrapping your feet in duct tape to go get McDonald's at 4:00 AM was your every single weekend vocation.

Thank you to everyone who supported this band while they were alive- we hope you enjoy the last 3 songs we ever had the pleasure of writing together.


released July 28, 2016

Osterii was:
Tim Pringle- Lead Guitar & Vocals
Anthony Jaber- Bass Guitar
Ryan Mortola- Percussion
Nicholas Hertzberg- Rhythm Guitar & Vocals

Recorded by Osterii - December 2009
at Rental Car Mountain Studios, Ship Bottom NJ (RIP).

Re-Mixed and Re-Mastered by
Nicholas Edward Hertzberg, Summer 2016.

Layout by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg
Original Osterii Logo and Font by Jon Loudon (Restorations, Sire Press)



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