The Road to Hell is Paved by Artists

by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg

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Over a year in the making (recording began August of 2013)
"The Road to Hell is Paved by Artists" was set to be NEH's first solo full-length in years...however fate had it's way and there was a hard drive crash... leaving half of the original session files unrecoverable.

Due to sonic quality differences between sets of songs,
the album has been split into a two-part affair:

The first, more polished half, where full session files were recovered, is titled "Dreary." An experimental, driving and many parts instrumental five song selection.

The second, more "lo-fi" half using original song mixes is titled
"The Road to Hell is Paved by Artists." This original three song selection has been supplemented by two more songs of this sound aesthetic that were recently recorded, originally intended to be released as a single in months following the LP release.

The listener will hear that in this two part full-length, Nick has taken cues from his main project "These Branches" and expanded upon it sonically in what many would consider a more"abstract" and "gentle" fashion, yet, these songs still have the ability to hit just as heavily. Overall these sets of tunes represent much a departure from the more acoustic driven "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" EP.

The albums are based very much in repetition and structural progression, though no looping pedals were used in this recording with the exception of the pre-recorded rhythm loop in "Corners," which was one saved in the pedal's memory for years. Every part was played time and time again to get every imperfection in every note with minimal cuts or punch ins. Coupling these techniques with the highly abstract personal lyrics and ambient overtones- a truly unique set of songs that can stand out from each other but cohesively come together as a moment in a young artists life is what is achieved.

Though lyrical topics can shift around a bit, the overall tone and messaged delivered is by a man who is seeing the struggle of the everyday need to create and it's juxtaposition with a mundane life, growing older and facing the finality of both life itself and art as life.

We hope you enjoy this trip down the road.

The follow up to these albums are already being recorded.

FFO: The National, Young Widows, Pygmy Lush


released October 15, 2014

Written and Recorded by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg.

Mixed and Mastered by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg.



all rights reserved


Deplorable Sounds Riverside, New Jersey

Created and curated by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg to be a home to his numerous solo and side-projects.

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Track Name: The Road
eyes go quick to, the sky
everytime there is no one near by
praying, for a sign
lying in this bed, i'm dying
"youre so close to the light
why don't you go in-side?"
i know the reason why...
there is nothing beyond this life
(but) i cant' be sure
what it is we're here for
Track Name: Saving Face
you tell yourself you'll stop drinking
get into tip-top shape
quit lying, get married
sort your shit out by middle age

we're on the path
we're working
to die in our
cosy place
what's at stake
our life savings
doing every job but saving face
but saving face

we're on the path
we're working
to die in our
shit-hole place
what's at stake
doing every job but saving face
but saving face
Track Name: Vous êtes Ici
(you are here)
Track Name: Honey Be
today i sat and watched a worker bee die
but it wasn't from the lack of trying
a tainted batch of honey
in the lion's skull
dripped right through me
into the nest
the mammary, the chest
sour milk and sour hopes
for which you i sculpt
call to you the most
another way to get out
another way
honey be clear what you mean
Track Name: To Hell