Wholly Holy

by Fertility

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Fertility is a project three years in the making. Songs have been structured and re-structured numerous times with various members added then dropped...and this meticulous yet chaotic nature will show in the final product. Featuring just two members of These Branches and Fashion (and well, a drum machine), Fertility's debut "Wholly Holy" delivers you break neck tempo and time changes, ferocious riffs and dirty/raw hardcore not for the faint at heart.

FFO: Converge, Bucket Full of Teeth, The Hope Conspiracy


released June 25, 2013

Written and Recorded from May 2010 until May 2013.

Instruments written, programmed and performed
by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg.

Lyrics written and performed by Robert Forrest.

Vocals recorded by Robert Forrest.

Instruments recorded and mixed
by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg
at Rental Car Mountain Studios, Ship Bottom NJ.

Mastered by Bryan Batiste.

Cover Art by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg



all rights reserved


Deplorable Sounds Riverside, New Jersey

Created and curated by Nicholas Edward Hertzberg to be a home to his numerous solo and side-projects.

Releasing free digital and limited edition physical editions since 2013.

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Track Name: Convulsions
Shaking wildly
Be lost inside the fury
This is our home
Run by false hope
Wholly holy
Track Name: Shame
Craving the day away
Spit in the face of change
your face is suicide
hiding my shame inside
Grasp at straws
Concrete flaws
timing is our worst friend
Track Name: God-Given
Living ain't the way it used to be
Now it's all
Real ignorance
Blinding deafness
It's all we have to our god-given name
Track Name: Tonic
This worlds become a haunting tribute to our fatal flaws
The skeleton creaks with the rust of unseen starving ghosts
it's unnerving
Failed destruction of our demons
But we still get down in these trying times of self regret
All you can do to keep the faith that one day all will be well
It's the best tonic but not exactly the best medicine
Track Name: Dignity
I am more familiar with sinners than saints, my dear
And sinners always look good
It's not a party till someone loses their dignity and shattered expectations lead to
Everywhere the night can go
all the way down to our self d
Track Name: Transient
So why do we love only what we know can never last
A passing glance shines through the beauty of transient existence
The life cycle of
human failure
All things that you hold dear are already dead.